Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Would you knowingly consider investing your money on the same exact thing that has traditionally lost or really hasn’t returned much of a profit for the majority of people in the past. If you reside in the middle of Utah, buying a yacht may impress the neighbors but just woundn’t wise usage of money. Just like if you’re terrified of heights, buying a single engine plane before overcoming that fear would not be a good purchase. Along the same lines, there is absolutely no reason for investing your budget into non effective advertising. The key to advertising especially fashion advertising is to  know when, where, and to whom you should be targeting your best advertising efforts. Luckily for you today there are many great ways to figure all this out since for the most part the research has already been done and proven as to where to place your ads so they are noticed by the right people.

The most effective fashion advertising has a tendency to starts locally. That is unless you just have a lot of money to spend on national advertising, you want to make sure all of the  local surrounding communities know your products exist. Most people overlook testing their ads in the local communities because they think all they need is for enough people to see their products. Working in your local market is usually the most effective marketing their is and most people just want to go main stream. Your local market gives you the ability to have an open house or grand opening when your starting out. This is advertising in its simplest and cheapest form but most people overlook it.

Just make sure you invite the local media and anyone else in the community with influence. Your business is important to the community and it’s the local media’s responsibility be be at every event they possibly can. Look the worst thing to happen is they don’t show up or they may not cover it, but then again they just may. But if your grand opening does get covered by local media, you have just gotten yourself some free advertising that you probably didn’t have the money to pay for otherwise. A grand opening really isn’t much of an expense but it is really good advertising and marketing.

Effective fashion advertising is made up of nothing but a few simple things. Knowing who you want to sell to what it is they like along with where and how you get their attention when they see your advertising campaigns. Let’s say you marketing to the younger generation. You want to show your product to include things that they are into along with creating a desire for what you have to offer. This is usually pretty easy unless you believe that the owner of this particular merchandise is targeting the wrong audience. Exactly the same can be said if you are selling to primarily women or if you are selling to the elderly generation. Use the same intelligence you used to create what the product to think about where you can place the most effective advertising locally.

Another great thing about starting in your fashion advertising in your local market is these people are you peers so they are more apt to like and want to see  you succeed. They are great market testers to find out what in your advertising is working before you start branching out in the mainstream. Really effective fashion advertising today also come in the form of a web site. You may have to hire a webmaster to get this done but it is well worth it just make sure they do a good job since a having a website is like having a store that is always open. Find other businesses and have them place a link to your site so you have the ability to have them advertise for you drawing more customers in.

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